Murano glass, emotion and magic

Glass has always been part of Venetian culture and tradition, has always been a source of pride for those who work in the glass industry and know every secret of the art of Murano glassmaking: VéVéGlass.

For more than 30 years, our company has been committed to keeping the history of Murano glass alive through passion and know-how, while also adapting to market demands without giving up a basic element that distinguishes it from other companies: the craftsmanship of Murano glass.

A company philosophy based on traditions and a team of professionals designs and creates unique and original pieces that take shape thanks to glass masters of the highest level. Every object, from the small sculpture for the home to the large office dividing panels or wall decorations for spas or hotels reflects all our passion for art and beauty.

For us, there are no limits in fulfilling your wishes regarding shapes, sizes, patterns and colors: VéVéGlass is able to customize every detail to deliver you a unique work of art capable of enhancing the private environment rather than public spaces in any context.

For you, who are looking for originality and the WOW effect to make a breach in the hearts of your guests or customers, choose the objects and furnishings for interiors in Murano glass by VéVéGlass, where the artistic glass processing is a guarantee of originality and quality. 

Our markets

With 30 years of Murano glass working experience, we are experts in helping you design wall decorations that boost your organization or home. Thanks to the rich history in decorating spaces, our design team is cross-trained in multiple markets.

Our products

We are continuously improving our service and to meet your needs,
to suit your style preferences and your architect / designer’s projects,
we are happy to provide a full range of products,
from home accessories and decorative sculptures to wall decorations and room dividers.


We had the pleasure to take care and fit out environments
such as hotels, resorts, accommodation facilities, private and corporate residences.
Please discover below our latest creations for customers all over the world.