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Glass and building eco-sustainability: green elegance for your design interiors

In addition to being one of the trendiest colors for decorating designer interiors in recent times, “green” is a disruptive philosophy that is revolutionizing the rules of the industry, challenging old precepts and bringing to light new opportunities in the world of construction. Amid the introduction of the latest technologies and the wonderful promotion of a return to craftsmanship, there is a material with a very ancient history that can ensure the maintenance of sustainability standards in the construction and decoration of new buildings: the glass.

Light, seductive, transparent, colorful and above all sustainable, glass is the favorite material in contemporary sustainable architecture. It allows to give a great elegance and presence to any structure, with a rarefied and light image, while maintaining that magical aesthetic effect, given by the play of transparencies, light, and ancient history that this material has preserved for centuries. Glass is a sustainable material because it is a real natural resource capable of regenerating itself, capable at the same time of guaranteeing high standards in terms of performance, efficiency and durability.

So let’s find out in this article how to use this wonderful material, glass, within innovative “sustainable building” projects. We will understand what is meant by this term and see some concrete applications.

So what is meant by “sustainable building”?

“Sustainable building” refers to the implementation of architectural, construction and plant solutions that can limit energy loss as much as possible, reducing damage to the environment while nurturing performance and efficiency standards. It is an architectural school that chooses recycled materials produced in neighboring areas, so as not to deplete the natural heritage and limit the same production and transportation costs.

More and more sustainable architecture projects are therefore employing a material such as glass, because it successfully achieves all these goals, having a long life cycle and being a recyclable material. In fact, it is often used to make solar or photovoltaic panels, rather than being used as a leading component in interior design furniture, thanks to its elegance and magnificent aesthetic presence.

Murano glass, for example, is a particular type of glass, whose properties make it perfectly suited to the creation of sustainable building works, such as valuable and luxurious interior furnishings. In recent years, more and more artisans are adapting to new sustainable standards and directives, offering solutions with new blood and new ideas to preserve the unique and inimitable beauty of their lagoon. VéVé Glass has been doing this for years now, with a mission not only to offer its customers unique, creative products with a great aesthetic presence, but also to let the art of glassmaking shine in its most beautiful version, and thus with sustainable architecture that uses the most natural and ancient techniques of its skilled glassmakers.

The building sustainability project with Murano VéVé Glass

For many years now, the staff of artisans at VéVé Glass has been working and first thinking in the extreme respect of eco-sustainability of the environment: this concretely translates into continuous research to contain emissions and to eliminate all those ingredients considered harmful from the recipes of colored glass. But that’s not all! Energy produced from completely green sources, such as solar and wind power, is used every day, and scrap recycling is carried out. All this and more is always the first and constant goal of VéVé Glass.

To go along with this constant endeavor, VéVé Glass began to study and make a wide range of colored glass, all produced from natural pigments. This glass allowed the realization of the sustainable architecture project “Love hearts”: these colored and absolutely sustainable glasses were used to create the large window of a book shop in the center of Malaga (Spain). It still shines with its pastel colors based on light green, amethyst, blue spring sky, yellow setting sun and soft green prairie grass. A series of fire-red set hearts also glow, as if to signify a love of reading.

Relying on the expert master glassmakers of VéVé Glass means choosing extremely elegant interior design solutions of great quality and aesthetic presence, as well as giving great prominence to the magnificent cultural and artistic heritage of our wonderful Venice. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information about our sustainable architecture glass products.

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