Casanova Museum Experience

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Giacomo Casanova Museum & Experience
Palazzo Malipiero, San Marco, Venice
Casanova Museum Experience

Casanova is imagined as a mix of mythology and historical reality and is one of Italy’s and Venice’s most world-famous names. He is the guardian of a timeless myth, living in lanes and squares as well as in the palazzi and eighteenth-century courts across Europe. 

Although he left a vast collection of literary works, he is mostly remembered as an adventurer and lover; a disrespectful son of the Serenissima. However Casanova ‘the man’ was much more than this. Moving through the rooms of Palazzo Malipiero you will enjoy a first-hand experience of the atmosphere, sounds, settings and costumes that bore witness to the events relating to Casanova and his century. 

During the visit you will have the opportunity to try a glass of the famous Casanova Prosecco, an authentic Venetian taste. The exhibition will go beyond the myth of Casanova, telling the real story behind the bright lights of eighteenth-century Venice, and showing the fragility, full of solitude and insecurity, that makes Casanova an eclectic and complex character. 

Looking at the literature of which he is the protagonist, at his hand-written documents, and at the objects and original clothes of the period, the most significant moments of Giacomo’s life are deduced. The exhibition mixes virtual experiences and immersive surroundings. There are also moments of collective entertainment and individual fruition, all working together to ensure the visitor a diversified, exciting and engaging experience. 

This is an experience that will show to the visitors the young Casanova and his artistic provenance, his travels for study and pleasure, and his adventures throughout Europe. They will see the poet and sophisticated writer, the diplomat and astute secret agent. They will also see the women, love and fashion of the eighteenth century, and the myth of the cinema that consecrated his deeds. This story will go to the heart of the life of Casanova the man, beyond the myth.

Location: Palazzo Malipiero, San Marco 3198, Venice

Schedule: until January 31, 2021

Opening hours: from 10 am to 6.30 pm

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