Contract furniture

Contract furniture
VéVé Glass for your turnkey project

The turnkey project: the beauty of contract furniture!

There are many companies that deal with contract and many, in particular, with contract furniture. Even before being a sector or a product, contract furniture is a service, or even better, a process. The main clients with whom contract companies work are in the Hospitality sector, such as hotels, commercial premises, but also airports and public places such as museums and universities, the large real estate companies that own large residential buildings, especially in the luxury segment, in the cruise ship furnishings and finally in the luxury yachts.

The general contractor plays the role of contract coordinator. He relies on trusted suppliers of different types, specialized in the realization of furnishings, systems, finishes and all types of “tailor-made” services. It generally interfaces with the architectural firm chosen by the client and manages, within the agreed time, the development of the entire project.

When we talk about contract furnishing, the term contract refers to orders in which the contract company is not limited only to the supply of furniture but realizes on behalf of the client the entire project of furnishing of the spaces identifying with its meaning the so-called “turnkey project“.

The dynamics of Contract, however, by definition are very different from those of mass production: in the tailor-made each project is unique, as well as each piece of furniture produced, so as to define the exclusive result.

VéVé Glass is located in this context.


VéVé Glass: the magic of Murano glass for luxury contract furniture!

VéVé Glass is an Italian company, based in Venice, specialized in artistic glass works for architectural applications and interior decoration in the Luxury segment. Combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, it offers a wide range of glass solutions. The objects that VéVé Glass creates, their brilliance and their beautiful traditional colors embellish residences, hotels and public spaces around the world, creating fascinating atmospheres.

Our glass masters at VéVé Glass conceive and produce entirely by hand, using traditional glass fusion techniques, a range of Murano glass decorations such as: glass wall panels, glass partitions, glass wall tiles, mirrors with decorated glass frames, sculptures, accessories and objects for interior decoration and lighting as well as any other custom decorative supplies and installations. This ability to combine the original creative design with the rich manual craftsmanship, makes VéVé Glass a unique brand in the processing of Murano artistic glass, especially in the panorama of contract furniture in general, but also in the custom glass contract in particular.


Why choose contract furniture and design?

Traditionally, the furniture sector in Italy has mostly addressed the channel of large-scale distribution through retailers and points of sale.

In the realization of Contract Furniture, the schemes are reversed: each order is unique because the relationship between project and result is one-to-one in order to realize every detail with respect to expectations.

In our Venetian Ateliers we work to create Made in Italy glass products that can be entirely made to measure, putting our over twenty years of experience and constant research and innovation at the service of architects and designers so that they can interpret the dreams and desires of their clients. Thanks to our in-house design studio, our team is available to collaborate on the development of new projects and to oversee the process of creating new ideas in art glass.

Our company is organized for the design, development and production of glass decorations, even large ones, up to the supports and on-site assembly worldwide, even on a turnkey basis.

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