Galuppi Festival 2021

The program of the Galuppi Festival 2021
at La Fenice Theater, Scuola Grande San Rocco, San Rocco Church
Galuppi Festival 2021

Galuppi Festival was held for the first time in 1980 in Venice, but only in 1997, coinciding with the birth of the Galuppi Festival Association, was the rediscovery and systematic re-proposal of the compositional work of this author started with an event entitled “The Places of Baldassare”. The Galuppi and Music Festival is held annually in September and October in Venice and on the estuary islands. Here is the program of the 2021 edition:


Sunday 12 September, 8,30 pm – Scuola Grande San Rocco, Sala Capitolare

International Awards Section

Massimo Belli, conductor

Music by B. Galuppi, W.A. Mozart


Saturday 18 September, 8.00 pm – La Fenice Theater, Sale Apollinee

International Awards Section

Lorenzo Gugole, Maestro Concertatore – Kirill Rodin, cello – Tommaso Benciolini, flute

Music by J.S. Bach, F.J. Haydn, F. Mendelsshon-Bartholdy


Tuesday 21 September, 8,30 pm – Scuola Grande San Rocco, Sala Capitolare

International Awards Section

Sergej Krylov, violin – Michail Lifits, piano

Music by S. Prokofev, I. Stravinskij, M. De Falla, F. Kreisler


Thursday 23 September, 8.00 pm – Teatro La Fenice Sale Apollinee

Centenaries Section, remembering Beethoven (1770 – 2020)

Giuseppe Barutti, cello – Anna Barutti, piano

Music by L. van Beethoven, F. Schubert


Thursday 30 September, 6.00 pm – Palazzo Labia, Salone del Tiepolo

Green Line Section

Valentina Corò, soprano – Caterina Meldolesi, soprano – Francesco Samuele Venuti, baritone – Richard Barker, piano

Music by W.A. Mozart, G. Donizetti, G. Bizet, F. Cilea, G. Verdi

  • THE LITTLE MUSICIANS – Female Vocal Ensemble

Sunday 3 October, 8,30 pm – Scuola Grande San Rocco, Sala Capitolare

Green Line Section

Mario Mora, director – Francesca Tirale, harp – Luigi Panzeri, organ

Music by B. Britten, F. Caldara, B. Galuppi, J. S. Bach, M. Haydn, W. A. Mozart, M. Zuccante, G. Verdi


Thursday 7 October, 8,30 pm – San Rocco Church

Centenaries Section, remembering the 450 years since the Battle of Lepanto

Bettina Hoffmann and Fabio Rovere, directors – Serena Peroni, soprano – Giulia Ravagnani, soprano – Ludovico dal Pra, bass – Argentina Becchetti, Patrizia Belluzzo, Daniela Colangelo, Adele Serena, Giovanni Tonello, viol – Riccardo Benetazzo, Marco Cecconi, Riccardo De Cia, Fabio Rovere, trombone – Aurelio Cipriani, lute

Music by A. Gabrieli, C. Merulo, G. Dalla Casa

  • CATERINA ENSEMBLE – The Bach family in Venice

Sunday 10 October, 5 pm – San Rocco Church

Alessandro Kirschner, director – Roberto Loreggian, organ – Francesco Galligioni, cello

Music by J. Desprez, G. Gabrieli, C. Monteverdi, G. Frescobaldi, H. Schuetz, H. Bach, J. Bach, J. M. Bach, J. C. Bach, J. S. Bach


Friday 14 October, 8.00 pm – Teatro La Fenice, Sale Apollinee

Centenaries Section, remembering Beethoven (1770 – 2020)

Enzo Caroli, flute – Fabiola Braconi, flute – Marco Giani, bassoon – Carlo Lazari, violin – Giancarlo Di Vacri, viola – Anna Martignon, piano

Music by L.Van Beethoven


Sunday 17 October, 8,30 pm – Scuola Grande San Rocco, Sala Capitolare

Green Line Section

Federico Fiorio, sopranist – Paolo Faldi, director – Marina Malavasi, Iris Ensemble director

Music by B. Galuppi, W. A. Mozart


Schedule: Sept. 12 – Oct. 17, 2021

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