Not just simple glass partitions but works of art to add character and uniqueness to environments.
Discover the special VéVéGlass glass divider.

If you’re looking for ordinary glass partitions, you’re not in the right place. VéVéGlass makes only true works of art, unique pieces of design, glass partitions that will give any room character, color and play of light and transparency that will enhance any living room.
VéVéGlass stained glass partitions are made by expert master glassmakers, true artists capable of creating superlative, excellent, exceptional products. Whether it is an office, the lobby of a luxury hotel or a cruise ship, the glass partitions for interiors made will be equal to a masterpiece of art thanks to their aesthetic and stylistic features that classify them as undisputed design elements of the highest quality.

What makes them so exceptional is, as we have already said, the experience of the artists behind the creations, master glassmakers with extraordinary artistic skills, just as their creations are extraordinary, brought to life using the most classic glassworking techniques, transmitting in each glass partition the value given by a raw material of the highest quality and a first-rate experience in glassworking.

All this merges and condenses into unique objects of the highest quality, whose mere presence can enhance an environment, embellish it and make it unique and memorable for anyone who may have the pleasure of staying there.

And if the chance to have a unique piece of glass artwork isn’t enough, just think that installing one of the stunning room divider windows like VéVéGlass’ RGB glass curtain is far less invasive than any renovation work and allows for wonderful lighting and transparency effects that are sure to impress.

RGB hotel

RGB hotel

RGB lounge

RGB lounge

RGB locke-house

RGB showroom

RGB kitchen

RGB kitchen

Characteristic glass partitions for interiors

RGB showroom

RGB villa

RGB villa

RGB cruise

RGB cruiser

RGB living

RGB living

RGB curtain

RGB curtain

RGB hall

RGB hall

Elegant glass partition walls for homes

RGB villa

RGB rombo glass divider

RGB rombo

RGB divider

a Murano glass divider alternative in interior design

A valued and fascinating design solution, adaptable to fluidly separate the environments, in an informal but at the same time glamorous and contemporary taste is to divide the spaces without walls. In all those situations in which there is no intention of intervening with drastic restructuring works, rather it is preferable to implement a free and dynamic division between the living spaces, in order to guarantee a good degree of privacy between the different functional areas, a swirling RGB divider can be used.

Originally designed as decorative panels to embellish the walls, RGB curtains were then adopted to enhance living spaces, giving touch of class and elegance under the terms of temporary divider systems.

The RGB curtains effectively control the light in the room: you can choose from the dark ones and those that allow enough light to illuminate the room. Not only! They can also solve space problems. In fact, RGB curtains can be used as dividers to rearrange spaces in a room or to hide corners or furniture.

With RGB divider you give a touch of color to the room

Whether you want to make the best for your space, hide a shelf or rearrange your room, all you need is an RGB divider or curtain. Our assortment includes RGB dividers and curtains in different designs, designed to suit all tastes.

RGB curtains can be used to divide spaces, to cover a trunk or other furniture, to hide an angle or wall and are easily plugged in to harmonize with the architectural structure. The multiplicity of possibilities to divide spaces allows you to quickly organize your environments according to your needs.

The RGB curtain is offered both as a single panel and as a modular system for various heights. The minimum size is about 0.90 square meters. A valance and fastening bars with screws are included. The RGB divider is available in 32 different colors which assembled together offer almost 5000 (exactly 4960) color combinations.

To create new ambiance and to better distribute interior spaces, it is not always necessary to make use of demanding and expensive masonry works. Sometimes, it is enough to have practical divisional panels, strategically placed, to get a more room or even just to create a more intimate atmosphere. Let yourself be inspired by our experts’ suggestions and find out how easy it is to organize spaces with RGB curtains with a pinch of fantasy!



M1 version
1 module (3 discs) Ø 25 cm | 9 ¾ in
1 glass disc Ø 14 cm | 5 ½ in

M2 version
1 module (3 discs) Ø 32 cm | 12 ½ in
1 glass disc Ø 18 cm | 7 in

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