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For a classy professional environment, discover our glass office partitions.

The form is the hand that holds the substance: this sentence is enough to understand the importance of having a high level business environment to welcome its customers. The internal glass partitions for offices that we create are conceived and designed, even before being materially created, to give each professional environment the right character and the right amount of exclusivity.

Transmit to your guests and your customers the true value of your brand with the one and only protagonist of the new decorative trends in business environments, the artistic glass of Murano. Elements of magnetic charm and beauty, the glass partitions for offices made of Murano art glass are able to charm and, at the same time, make every architect and interior designer suffer. The reason? They retain characteristics of delicacy and cost superior to other normal materials but, at the same time, hold unmatched artistic and aesthetic qualities, worthy of the best works of art.

Glass partition panels for offices, besides being as refined as they are exclusive thanks to their exceptional design, are the bearers of one of the most appreciated values in any environment: the concept of “handmade”. All glass partitions for offices are handcrafted, according to the techniques and secrets of expert glassmakers. What, in fact, is too often underestimated is that even business environments need the right amount of beauty and exclusivity. Halls, receptions, waiting rooms and meeting rooms as well as corridors and other transit areas are embellished and furnished with high quality but minimalist-looking pieces of furniture that lack an artistic touch of color.

Placing a Murano glass sculpture, installing an ornate glass door or even integrating art glass office partitions can really make the difference between a memorable business environment that positively impresses anyone who visits your premises and an ordinary office that may be well furnished but doesn’t stand out for anything in particular.

Because, at the end of the day, what you may want most from a classy, high-end professional environment is the comfort of those who work there and the excellent impression you can give to any clients and visitors. By installing Murano glass office partitions, you can give your professional environment an added value that will be reflected in the high quality of your work, transmitting these values to those who simply pass by or stop by your premises.

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But that’s not all. The glass partition panels for offices produced by VéVé Glass are not a mass-produced industrial product: in addition to the already mentioned and inestimable value of craftsmanship, each piece is one of a kind, made through a phase of consulting and design with the desires and needs of the most important actor of the entire process at the center: our customer.

There are no limits to the size of the artistic glass partitions that can be installed in the office: thanks to the modular construction of the panel in all its parts, you can configure your partition as you wish. Once the modules are made, the entire creation is laminated with extra-clear industrial glass of the size of the entire panel, guaranteeing maximum safety.

If, on the other hand, the installation is on the wall, the glass partition panels are safely installed thanks to sturdy metal profiles suitable for supporting industrial glass. The thickness of the panels is variable and changes according to several factors: the most used thickness is 6 mm, with the possibility to reach a maximum thickness of 15 mm. To this must obviously be added the thickness of the extra-clear glass to be coupled for safety, with thickness varying from 4 mm to 14 mm. We have a long history and a lot of experience in working with architects, interior designers and decorators of international scope for the development of installations, office partitions in artistic glass, decorated glass doors to add a touch of class and design to professional and business environments around the world, with on-time delivery and full guarantee on the finished product.

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