Artistic glass fusion of original Murano glass allows for fine finishes and top-of-the-line results.


Each VéVé Glass tile is extremely personalized, offering endless and valuable solutions for any environment.


Colors, shapes and transparencies of Murano glass create luxurious, exclusive and elegant atmospheres.

Pool with Nuance glass tiles and cobblestones

Each VéVé Glass tile is a unique and handcrafted product, created by the expert hands of our glass masters. Thanks to the most traditional glass-making techniques and to a raw material of the highest quality, it is possible to obtain unique and unforgettable items of prestigious value.


Every item is customizable down to the smallest and most imperceptible detail, thanks to the craftsmanship of our artisans who, being skilled experts in the heat of a furnace, know well how much energy to put into a creation or how much precision instead in a single touch.

If you have an idea, a wish or you simply feel inspired, do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized quote!

Murano Glass Tiles

Are you looking for unique and exclusive glass decorations?

VéVé Glass provides only glass wall inserts of unmatched quality.

Unique. Extraordinary. Exclusive. These three words perfectly describe the essence of VéVé Glass’s Murano glass tiles. Placing them strategically within a room produces an effect that defies description: the touch of color that characterizes these masterfully crafted glass wall inserts adds an air of elegance and sophistication. Each room takes on unique and memorable characteristics, capable of captivating and mesmerizing anyone who takes a moment to appreciate them.

It is not merely about aesthetics. Behind the creation of glass wall decorations and Murano glass tiles lies the extensive experience of VéVé Glass’s artisans. They work with the excellent raw material of Murano, infusing each composition with their knowledge and the centuries-old glassmaking techniques that have made this art famous and esteemed worldwide.

The Murano glass tiles crafted by VéVé Glass’s artists are versatile and perfect for enhancing living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. The intricate details and sought-after design of these creations immediately elevate these spaces, thanks to the interplay of colors and distinctive geometric characteristics.

Size, texture, patterns and color tones of our decorative glass tiles for wall ornamentation are fully customizable. Each Murano glass tile is meticulously crafted to perfectly blend into the environments, aiming for the coveted “WOW” effect that fascinates and astonishes anyone fortunate enough to behold these glassmaking masterpieces.

Let yourself be inspired by our NUANCECOBBLESTONES and various other 20×10 tile designs, part of our new lines of outstanding Murano glass tiles. Contact us and learn more about the details and boundless possibilities for enriching your home, office, hotel or business space with a distinctive and captivating glass wall insert.