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Unique. Exceptional. Exclusive. These are the three most suitable words to describe the Murano glass tiles made by VéVéGlass. Applying them in strategic points of a room you will get an effect difficult to describe in words: the elegance and refinement given by the touch of color of glass inserts for walls made by master glass artists will acquire unique and memorable characteristics to any environment, able to trigger the fascination and admiration of anyone who will stop to observe them.

But it’s not just about aesthetics. Behind the creation of glass decorations for walls and Murano glass tiles lies the great experience of the artisans of VéVéGlass glass who, working with the already excellent raw material of Murano, transfer to each composition all their knowledge and tradition of centuries-old glassmaking techniques that have made this art famous and appreciated throughout the world.

The glass wall inserts made by the artists VéVéGlass are suitable for any environment and are ideal for embellishing, with particular details extremely refined and sought after, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms that will immediately acquire great value thanks to the play of colors and geometries characteristic of these creations.

The size, order, designs and color tones of the glass wall decorations we produce are fully customizable and all Murano glass tiles and panels will be created to integrate perfectly into the environments in which the installation is planned, aiming to the effect “WOW!” able to fascinate and amaze anyone who has the good fortune to observe these masterpieces of the art of glassmaking.

Be inspired by our creations of excellence and contact us to know the details and the endless possibilities to enrich your home, your office, your hotel or your commercial activity with a refined and special glass insert in the wall of your interest.