VéVéGlass creates Murano glass works of art for the contract furnishing of hotels and luxury hotels.
Make environments unique with glass masterpieces.

Over the years, the world of tourism has evolved and the demand for increasingly refined and exclusive environments has arisen. And here comes VéVéGlass with original Murano glass decorations dedicated specifically to luxury hotel contract furniture.

In fact, it is well known that luxury hotel furnishings are elements sought after by extremely demanding guests in constant search of the new, the never seen before, the exceptional. Without a shadow of a doubt, equipping a hotel with Murano glass furnishings and decorations lends unparalleled charm and beauty to the entire structure, guaranteeing the “WOW!” effect. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics, but admiring the incredible creations of VéVéGlass’ expert glass masters creates emotions. Choosing our luxury hotel furnishings enhances you and gives your hotel extra value!

In addition to technological equipment and comforts of all kinds, it is a well-known that the eye also wants its part, and adorning common areas and individual rooms with glass elements such as refined and elegant inserts, sculptures, lamps and ornaments undoubtedly offers an added value to those who will have the pleasure of staying in such rooms.



Murano glass desk decoration in hotel reception



Murano glass sculpture in hotel



Murano glass wall decoration in hotel spa

RGB hotel


Murano glass divider in hotel waiting room

Wonderful Murano glass sculptures for large spaces


Murano glass sculpture in hotel lobby

Exclusive decorative stained glass panels


Murano glass column decoration in hotel spa

hotel reception


Murano glass wall decoration in hotel reception



Murano glass sculpture in hotel

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Make any high-level hospitality facility unique and inimitable.

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