Are you looking for special and unique glass partitions for offices?
VéVéGlass makes glass office partitions of the highest quality.
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Do you want to make a work environment truly special and exceptional? VéVéGlass makes glass partitions for executive offices, as well as exclusive glass office furniture dedicated to office contracting.

Impress your clients, guests and collaborators with top-quality glass office partitions in Murano glass handcrafted by skilled glass masters. Characterize any work environment with unique and original pieces resulting from the creativity and passion of VéVéGlass artisans, and stand out from the crowd by incorporating true masterpieces of refined and valuable art into the work environment.

VéVéGlass creates a wide range of glass partitions for office and decorative elements for high-end work environments in order to add a touch of elegance and refinement, creating a very personal atmosphere. Outfit meeting rooms, waiting rooms and reception rooms with unique and exclusive pieces of glass office furniture.

Thanks to the skill and great abilities of our glass masters, you have the opportunity to customize glass partitions for your offices and other types of decorations. The result is glass creations of the highest originality able to give incredible luster and value to your working spaces.

satellite wine cellar


Murano glass wall decoration in wine cellar

RGB divider


Murano glass divider in lounge

san giorgio


Murano glass wall decoration in meeting room

RGB locke-house


Murano glass divider in showroom

malibu stair landing


Murano glass decoration in stair landing

RGB hall


Murano glass divider in pavilion room

malibu montenegro


Murano glass column decoration in center

etihad milan


Murano glass wall decoration in office

Contact our specialists and evaluate with them the possibilities of
glass office furniture in VéVéGlass original Murano glass;
glass partitions for office and decorations dedicated to contract, executive and office furniture,
a guarantee of originality and high quality.

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