To add light and depth to your rooms with a touch of elegance and exclusivity
look at our Murano glass framed mirrors! Be inspired!

Nothing furnishes more than an exceptional Murano glass mirror. The reason? Murano glass, with its mere presence, is able to transmit elegance, uniqueness and centuries of history to the entire environment, embellishing it and making it exclusive.
No environment can be considered complete without decorative wall mirrors, able to enlarge spaces, give more light and create games of reflections that give character and depth. What distinguishes Murano glass framed mirrors is, precisely, the component of Murano glass: very high quality, the result of the passion and years of experience of glass artists, will give any environment exclusive characteristics, whether it is a home, a business or an exceptional workplace.
VéVéGlass realizes large decorative mirrors of great value created by following the most traditional techniques of glass working that make an already excellent raw material even more precious. The colors, textures and patterns obtainable thanks to the work done by glass artisans are endless and are able to fascinate anyone who has the good fortune to lay their eyes on these true works of art.
Attention to detail and the highest quality requirements are the ideal recipe for the handcrafted production of design masterpieces, unique pieces that will find no equal anywhere. Take the opportunity to enrich the decor of your rooms with something unique and inimitable able to condense the tradition of Murano glass with modernity and design.

Our experts will be able to support you in making the wall decorating mirror you’ve been dreaming of!

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