Premio Campiello 2022

60th edition of Campiello
one of the most prestigious literary prizes
Premio Campiello 2022

Established in 1962 by the will of the Industriali del Veneto and considered one of the most prestigious in Italy and among the most important in the Italian publishing scene, the “Premio Campiello” is a literary prize awarded with the aim of encouraging and disseminating works of Italian fiction.

The symbol to define the cultural event came to journalist Edilio Rusconi who found the right cue in the typical space of Venetian public life. In the Venetian tradition, the campiello has always represented the place of meeting and cultural exchange for its inhabitants. The prize awarded to the winner is a silver reproduction of the Venetian well still found in many campielli, “la vera da pozzo“.

The initial and never changed idea of the mechanism devised to get to the winner was effective. The double jury with a technical jury in charge of nominating the five finalists, while a popular jury called to decide the winner. The members of the Literary Jury of the 60th edition of the Campiello Prize are Walter Veltroni (president), Federico Bertoni, Daniela Brogi, Silvia Calandrelli, Edoardo Camurri, Chiara Fenoglio, Daria Galateria, Luigi Matt, Lorenzo Tomasin, Roberto Vecchioni, Emanuele Zinato and Pierluigi Battista. The popular jury consists of 300 readers who remain secret until the evening of the ceremony, guaranteeing total independence of judgment. The members of the Jury of Three Hundred Anonymous Readers vary each year.

The first edition was held in 1963 on the island of San Giorgio awarding Primo Levi‘s novel “The Truce“. The winner of the 60th edition of the Campiello Prize will be announced on Saturday September 3, 2022


Schedule: September 3, 2022

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