The greatest concern of the architects of the Alhambra was to cover every single space with decoration. Walls have been covered with beautiful and extremely rich ceramics and plasterwork. The decorative elements most used by these architects were stylized vegetal forms, interwoven decoration and nets of various geometric shapes. The designer took inspiration from the Moorish style interiors of the palace and fortress complex in Spain.

This elegant wall covering has sinuous cobalt blue hand cut glass lines with an overlapping satin gold leaf panel. The perfect balance between blue and gold produces impressive visual effects. At the same time this decoration will make the space look elegant but sober.

We can provide fully customized options for each panel in terms of size and color. With this versatility we can offer modular solutions for interior decoration such as wall or surface coverings or for backlighting systems.


Max. standard size for each single panel: 90 x 60 cm (35.43 x 23.62 inch)

Thickness: 2 cm (0.79 inch)


First color: gold leaf

Second color: a wide range of colors which can be selected by the customer

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 60 × 8 cm

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