RGB hotel

The RGB curtain or divider is an art glass handmade creation, designed to be completely customizable. The great evocative power of the fused shapes and of the typical Venetian colors make RGB a functional and decorative element that stands out in any private or public space.

The transparent and warm Venetian artistic glass creates unique and special corners, and gives special effects with natural or artificial lights. Through the wide range of colors and finishes available, the combined circled elements of RGB, create impressive installations matching with the style and the characteristics of the spaces they are placed in. The combination and the distribution of the fused glass pieces create, according to the client’s project, surfaces that are constantly changing, projecting their geometric or colored patterns on the space that surrounds them.

Each module of RGB is composed of 3 round artistic glass elements fused together and pierced with 2 holes through which they are fastened to the metal suspension frame. Each round element can be made out of glass in different colors in order to form a variety of color combinations on the basis of their layout and repetition. In addition to the many transparent colors, there are also opaque colors and special finishes. The suspension frame is made out of steel stems, connected to the glass module by threaded spheres. The frame anchored directly to the architecture is custom-made and depends on the way the object is placed in the space.

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