Centerpiece in Murano glass

The history of Venice is explained in the marriage between sea and land, which is a privilege but also a commitment. The regulation of the watercourse, “alveo” in Italian, was one of the most difficult commitments. The major engineers of the Serenissima had to fight for centuries with courageous hydraulic works that allowed the great Republic to maintain an extraordinary balance between land and sea. An example of science, ability and will. We dedicated Alveo to the marvelous works of Venetian engineers, enlightened and competent men, who allowed the lagoon to balance.

Alveo is an elegant centerpiece of Murano glass from the warm and charming colors of Venetian glass. This is realized with the mosaic technique using opaque and transparent Murano glass in a combination of colors, blended with gold and silver leaves. The mosaic glass processing technique is performed entirely by hand. Multicolored square or rectangles glass pieces of very small dimensions are meticulously cut and joined together.

The mosaic technique enhances the beauty of Murano glass, its matter, its transparency and the infinite combination of colors.


MAXI: 115 x 19 cm (45.27 x 7.48 in)

LARGE: 76 x 18 cm (29.92 x 7.08 in)

SMALL: 48 x 12 cm (18.89 x 4.72 in)



Basic color: red multicolor, blue multicolor, green multicolor