Murano glass panel

Ares is clearly a chaotic god who opposes Zeus, but he is loved by Aphrodite, a chaotic deity in some ways too. Even the ARES glass panel has no regular and harmonious shapes, it is quite messy, but shows an ordered mix. This panel is very precious because it is created with the aventurine glass technique. This glittering glass effect is the central focus and this decoration includes inserts of murrina, filigree and reticello pipes.

Moreover, inside the aventurine center, there is a very refined decoration, typical from the area of Murano, called zanfirico. In this case we wanted to maintain the natural irregularities of the glass panel, without altering its perimeter and edges. The result is a sort of flame or precious red glass vein.

Each panel has full customization options in terms of dimensions and colors. With this versatility we can offer modular solutions for indoor decoration such as wall or surface coverings or for backlighting systems.


Max. dimension for single panel:

100 x 35 cm (39.37 x 13.78 in)

Thickness: 1.5 cm (0.59 in)