Murano glass panel​

The Brooklyn Bridge is definitely a symbol of New York City, a place full of history. After the sunset, when the sky of NYC is filled with lights and colors, with the illuminated skyline show, the view over the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan is breathtaking and unforgettable.

Our Murano glass handmade mosaic depicts the Brooklyn Bridge in the evening, during the sunset, with the lights of the skyscrapers that light up, with its huge arcades supporting the ropes and the profile of the city emerging as a painting.

This artistic and decorative glass art is completely handmade. Squares of multicolored glass are cut into small pieces. Subsequently, these tiny tiles are aligned, arranged on a compatible glass plate and installed on a backlighting support. The size and color can both be customized.

This custom design panel measures 200 x 100 cm (78.75 x 39.37 inches) and consists of 32 glass tiles, 25 x 25 cm each (9.85 x 9.85 inches), mounted on two metal supports 100 x 100 cm (39.37 x 39.37 in.) installed side by side. The backlit lighting is completely realized with a dimmable LED system.

The standard size available of our Murano glass mosaic panel with backlit support is 100 x 75 cm (39.37 x 29.52 inches), with 12 glass tiles, 25 x 25 cm each (9.85 x 9.85 in.). But if requested we can produce it in different sizes and with custom artworks and designs.