Panel in Murano glass

Many people have never owned a kaleidoscope, but who has one cannot stop daydreaming. Looking into the small hole at one end of the tube and turning the ring at the front is like being projected into another world. A world of magic. The geometric figures produced by mirrors and small pieces of colored glass have something really magical.

The name “kaleidoscope” derives from the Greek words kalos (“beautiful”), eidos (“form”), and skopeïn (“to view”). Inspired by these words and by the beautiful geometric and colorful images reflected through the kaleidoscope, we have created a Murano glass panel that reproduces a graphic image. Even today some designers use the kaleidoscope to find graphic forms in the creation of figures and artistic patterns.

The processing of this Murano glass panel is performed entirely by hand. The procedure is similar to the mosaic technique: initially small pieces of multicolored glass are cut, then they are meticulously joined together to create this design.


Standard: 100 x 60 cm (39.37 x 23.62 in)

Other size on request.




Other colors on request