Centerpiece in Murano glass

Campielo is a centerpiece of Murano glass with a black base, crystal and Venetian red, overlaid with gold leaves.
The black base which is all covered with silver leaves reflects the famous Red Murano glass. On the red glass layer gold leaves are added. At high melting temperatures the gold leaves crumble but not burn.

The name of the centerpiece evokes the Venetian squares, the small squares at the confluence of different streets, the famous “calli”. They are a focal point of daily life in the complicated maze of narrow streets that make up the city of Venice.
The squares are places where the inhabitants of Venice take breath, make a break, meet to gossip and quarrels, to chat, even in noisy way.


MAXI : 115 x 19 cm (45.27 x 7.48 in) 
LARGE :  76 x 18 cm (29.92 x 7.08 in) 
SMALL : 48 x 12 cm (18.89 x 4.72 in)


Basic : black, Venetian red, crystal, gold and silver leaf
Other colors on request