Centerpiece in Murano glass

A “cavana” is a shelter for small boats. This water space inside the Venetian palaces is used to land people directly in the house and to moor the boats indoors. They are typical of the city and lagoon of Venice.

We create this elegant oval shaped centerpiece with different shades of colored transparent glass, gold leaves and Murrina beads to remember the different boat shelters that enrich the Venetian palaces.

The procedure to create this centerpiece is very complex and laborious. The first step is to compose the sequence of colors, while the second one is to create the shape. This is realized with the technique mosaic using transparent Murano glass in a combination of colors, blended with gold leaves and Murrina beads. Multicolored square or rectangles glass pieces of very small dimensions are meticulously cut and joined together. This item is handmade to order by our awesome team, meaning you get the most amazing glass object you will have ever own.


L : 70 x 31 cm (27.50 x 12.20 in)

H : 8 cm (3.15 in)



Basic color: Venetian red, aquamarine, green and amethyst


cavana red
cavana red