Murano glass panel

This glass panel looks like the top view of a city center where the main political and financial institutions are centralized: the black lines seem the streets and the other shades of color the various geographical aspects. In fact, the twists of the precious aventurine glass with thin tubes in black glass create a sophisticated geometric design.

In this design, the streaked aventurine glass plate is combined with three basic colors: red, brown and black. The colors are artfully blended in order to achieve these irregular streaks and to give a dynamic look to the object.

The streaked aventurine plates are also available in the following colors: sky-blue, blue, green, red, purple, periwinkle. These colors can be obtained with a blending solution or using aventurine glass only. The following pictures show how the thin black pipe creates a sort of labyrinth.

Each panel has full customization options in terms of dimensions and colors. With this versatility we can offer modular solutions for indoor decoration such as wall or surface coverings or for backlighting systems.


Max. dimension for single panel:

100 x 60 cm (39.37 x 23.62 in)

Thickness: 1.5 cm (0.59 in)