Murano glass panel

The stunning Murano glass wall art panel depicts the face of David, the masterpiece of Renaissance by Michelangelo. Frown, proud and penetrating look, slight grimace on lips allude to David’s concentration before facing Goliath. Expressive signs that are highlighted in this mosaic “picture”.

The processing of this wall art panel is performed entirely by hand. The procedure is similar to the mosaic technique: initially small pieces of multicolored glass are cut, then they are meticulously joined together to create this design.

The glass panel with the LED backlit box as a structural support is available in the dimensions indicated below but it is possible to mount several units together to create a modular solution. The LED backlight provides uniform lighting with high performance, is dimmable and has an estimated lifetime of 50,000 hours.

With contemporary or classic mosaic technique, using only Murano glass, we create decorative “paintings” and panels to hang on the wall or to be inserted on structural supports in various shapes and sizes. On request we create personal works, copies of ancient mosaics, works of well-known artists, and much more to customize and accent your home.


100 x 75 x 8 cm

39½  x  29½  x  3¼ in



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