Murano glass stele

At least once in a lifetime, an adult has been envious, seeing guys who know how to flaunt a musical instrument, regretting not having learned it when he was a child. For this reason, families and schools encourage to play an instrument. The melodica is one of the most played instruments among school children. The not high cost and simplicity of this tool makes it really very fascinating. Songs such as “We wish you a Merry Christmas”, “Brother John” or “Oh when the Saints” are often played with the melodica.

The Diamonica stele remembers this very useful and fun musical instrument. The procedure for creating this Murano glass stele is very complex and laborious. The glass processing technique is executed entirely by hand. Like mosaic technique, even in this design, small multicolored glass plates are meticulously cut and joined together, and represent the instrument with its keyboard in an abstract version.


Width : 30 cm (11.81 in)

Height : 180 cm (70.86 in)

Thickness :  about 10 mm (about 0,40 in)