Centerpiece in Murano glass

DODEZONA is an elegant Murano glass centerpiece with a base of black canes and inserts of aventurine glass with silver leaves.

The shape is typical of a very popular Venetian boat, the “Sandolo”. The name of this extremely fascinating creation derives from the name of the so called Venetian boat which was used in the most elegant occasions and for special parades. The name Dodezona, dozen in the Venetian dialect, was assigned since twelve rowers were needed being a large size boat (length 18 m).

The procedure to create this glass centerpiece is very complex and laborious. The first step is to compose the sequence of colors, while the second one is to create the shape. This is realized with the glass fusing technique using opaque Murano glass, aventurine glass and silver leaves. The glass processing technique is performed entirely by hand. It takes about 3 working days to create this item.


MAXI : 115 x 19 cm (45.27 x 7.48 in)

LARGE : 76 x 18 cm (29.92 x 7.08 in)

SMALL : 48 x 12 cm (18.89 x 4.72 in)



Black, aventurine and silver leaf