Centerpiece in Murano glass

Ivy had important symbolic meanings and was part of a rich mythology. Even today, some people appreciate the symbolism of the ivy. A symbol of loyalty, fidelity, eternal love, friendship, affection. The heart-shaped leaves of ivy strengthen this meaning. So when you give someone this gift, it has great value.

This ivy leaf-shaped Murano glass sculpture is created entirely with white and black Murrina beads on a transparent red background with vein structure in red glass grit and 23k gold leaf.

The metal stand is designed to support the weight of the glass sculpture. It consists of a heavy circular metal base, equipped with an anti-smear felt, and two thin “arms” equipped with anchoring pliers, finely painted in anthracite gray.


LARGE : 93 x 57 cm (36.61 x 22.44 in)

SMALL : 42 x 32 cm (16.54 x 12.60 in)



Venetian red and Murrina beads

Foglia Eva centerpiece