Sculpture in Murano glass

Flame is a combination of different refined glass processing techniques that make it an important creation, able to stand out in any wide space.

The glass is bent and stratified in very big layers, which makes the work of glass-masters even harder. Once the glasses are shaped, they are combined with layers of aventurine glass and of colored and gold glasses.

The aventurine glass processing enriches the color shades which, together with the abstract and sinuous shape of this sculpture, are the protagonist of the creation. Aventurine glass is made of copper and is very common in the creation of precious objects. In this case, the skill and innovation consisted in stratifying an extra clear glass with the handcrafted Murano glass, using a resin.

Both glasses, bent in different directions, make the sculpture a unique and important object. The final shape can change according to the client’s needs and each is a unique piece. The stratification of two different kinds of glass (Float and Murano) with a resin, without altering the decoration of the product, is a very innovative technique. The Murano grit allows the creation of figurative images or impressive color effects.

The metal base, painted in gun metal grey, hides a 100 kg weigh, which guarantees the statue’s stability.


Width: 72 cm (28.35 in)

Height: 190 cm (74.80 in)

Thickness: 1.5 cm (0.59 in)




Basic color: crystal and aventurine