Centerpiece in Murano glass

The Lido is not expressible: it is an inexplicable world, a state of mind that is difficult to explain. At the Lido you can breathe another Venice: in winter it is drowsy and relaxed and allows beautiful walks in absolute tranquility; then in summer and during the Film Festival it becomes crowded, but it is always full of charm, of an old-fashioned elegance.

This strip of land that on one side admires Venice, and on the other opens towards the sea, is certainly a beautiful, significant, peaceful site. In Venice it is usual to see gondolas and boats but not cars, buses and bicycles. At the Lido this is possible. It is pleasant to walk through patrician villas, Liberty villas, golden beaches and belle époque that is breathed especially in the Gran Viale. That’s why it was the top destination of the rulers of all Europe and beyond.

Unforgettable … like the new fantastic wave-shaped centerpiece in Murano glass that recalls the wave motion of the clean and transparent sea of the Lido.

The procedure to create this Murano glass centerpiece is very complex and laborious. The first step is to compose the sequence of colors, while the second one is to create the shape. This is realized with the glass fusing technique using opaque Murano glass, black, grey and ivory. The glass processing technique is performed entirely by hand. It is an elegant object that fits well with any modern interior.


85 x 56 x 11 cm (33.46 x 22.05 x 4.33 in)



Black – grey – ivory