Sculpture in Murano glass

This unique lamp sculpture exhibited during The Venice Glass Week 2018 is made of layers of Murano glass rods carved and fused together. These details are customizable and particularly suitable for transparent glass and Venetian red. This sequence of colors gives the sculpture a playful mobility compared to traditional aesthetics.

Nexus is a sleek, cool and decorative LED light, and provides the perfect finishing touch for any interior. It will add an effortless style to your living space, with its clean lines and finishes in metal and plexiglas. This lamp sculpture emphasizes forgotten corners and gives new life to tired interiors. The low energy NEXUS lamp sculpture is from the Italian designer Massimo Brignoni. It is a stylish and practical choice in interior design for the contemporary home.


Standard: 160 x 25 cm (62.99 x 9.84 in) + stand

Other size on request.



Transparent glass and Venetian red

Other colors on request