oval-shaped Murano glass centerpiece

Inspired by characteristic Venetian places, such as “Arsenale”, a strategic place for shipyards and workshops, “Cavana”, a shelter for small boats, “Darsena”, a dock for mooring boats, “Dune”, an undulating landscape of the lagoon coast, “Laguna”, an ever-changing water space, “Rio”, a small waterway, our glass masters have created several decorations for oval-shaped centerpieces.

Oval-shaped centerpieces of this size are a catalyst on large flat surfaces. Choosing an oval-shaped centerpiece with a black base enlivened by the colorful center stripe or a multicolored oval-shaped centerpiece embellished with Venetian murrina beads or gold/silver leaf on a table or piece of furniture makes the piece magnetic, which means you can present the most incredible glass object you will ever own.

Each product is handmade, unique and exclusive! It is created and signed by our glass master and is accompanied by a certificate of guarantee for the quality and authenticity of the product. In handicraft production, every glass object may be slightly different in shape, color and size from the image below. Any small differences and irregularities in design, shape and color, as well as small air bubbles, are not flaws, but a sign of our products quality.



DUNE version
length 73 cm | 28 ¾ in
width 36 cm | 14 ¼ in
height 13 cm | 5 ¼ in

length 70 cm | 27 ½ in
width 31 cm | 12 ¼ in
height 8 cm | 3 ¼ in

ovale arsenale

Ovale Arsenale

oval-shaped centerpiece with black glass and central decoration with gold leaf inserts

ovale laguna

Ovale Laguna

oval-shaped centerpiece in aquamarine and blue glass rods with white filigree and Venetian murrina beads

ovale dune

Ovale Dune

oval-shaped centerpiece with central multicolored decoration and black glass base

ovale cavana

Ovale Cavana

oval-shaped centerpiece in mainly red mosaic with Venetian murrina beads

ovale rio

Ovale Rio

oval-shaped centerpiece in mainly purple mosaic with gold leaf inserts

ovale darsena

Ovale Darsena

oval-shaped centerpiece in black glass base with multicolored central decoration, gold and silver leaf

plate perla 3D

Perla 3D

edge-raised Murano glass plate in multicolored mosaic design

plate perla prisma

Perla Prisma

edge-raised Murano glass plate in multicolored prism-shaped design

Do you need large quantities? Do you want it in different colors or sizes? Do you want a custom order?
As a manufacturer, we create custom objects with different decorations, colors or shapes according to your requirements.

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