Murano glass wall decoration
Murano glass wall decoration


Murano glass wall art decoration

Our story would not have started without the Venetian hills, an undulating and ancient land. Here nature offers angles and corners able to tickle your fancy: often the design is perfect, unchanged over the centuries. Increasingly we find ourselves watching the wonder of the rolling hills following each other in the horizon.

In those afternoons where the intense cold is broken by some pale sunray, you can enjoy this wavy sea of vineyards and fields of wheat, of sinuous shapes worked by tractors like sailboats. Enchanting. And in a short time anxieties slow down and calm takes over.

Inspired by the beautiful Venetian hills, the “Terra” panel shows the sinuosity of the earth, with its peaks, its valleys and its rivers.

The procedure for creating this Murano glass panel is very complex and laborious. The first step is to compose the sequence of colors, while the second one is to create the shape. This is realized with the glass fusing technique using opaque Murano glass in black, grey and ivory. The glass processing technique is performed entirely by hand. It is an elegant object that fits well with any modern interior.

Each product is handmade, unique and exclusive! It is created and signed by our glass master and is accompanied by a certificate of guarantee for the quality and authenticity of the product. In handicraft production, every glass object may be slightly different in shape, color and size from the image below. Any small differences and irregularities in design, shape and color, as well as small air bubbles, are not flaws, but a sign of our products quality.



STANDARD version
width 86 cm | 33 ¾ in
height 68 cm | 26 ¾ in
depth 11 cm | 4 ¼ in
thickness 1 cm | ½ in




Do you need large quantities? Do you want it in different colors or sizes? Do you want a custom order?
As a manufacturer, we create custom objects with different decorations, colors or shapes according to your requirements.

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