Murano glass stele

The headquarter of the university of architecture of Venice (IUAV) is located near Piazzale Roma by the former convent building complex of the Tolentini. We dedicate this glass panel to this famous place in the city, due to the importance of the object and to the historical heritage represented by the Murrina beads.

Tolentini is a Venetian red glass panel with a precious Murrina millefiori design. This work allows to appreciate the Murrina presence, which is the most common symbol of the Murano glass tradition. Apart from the traditional creations, the Murrina beads are used in many of our glass processing techniques.

Murrina millefiori beads are made with glasses of different colors: thin, differently colored glass rods are fused into glass canes and cooled until they are hardened but still elastic. Their different shapes are formed by pressing on the surface of the glass canes. The technique of processing the Murrina millefiori beads involves the use of many slices of glass rods to create a mosaic pattern. These beads have various shapes including cylinder, rectangle, square, oval, and its interior look has floral, star, heart and geometric patterns. The creations have extraordinary designs and rich colors.

The Murrina millefiori beads are created by several superimposed glass layers, which afterwards are molded. Still today, it is a mysterious and rather fascinating technique. For this reason it is an extremely precious element that derives from hundreds of years of experience in the Murano glass processing.

Each panel has full customization options in terms of dimensions and colors. With this versatility we can offer modular solutions for indoor decoration such as wall or surface coverings or for backlighting systems.


Max. dimension for single panel: 160 x 30 cm (62.99 x 11.81 in)

Thickness: 1.5 cm (0.59 in)



Venetian red with Murrina millefiori beads