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Sterling Ruby at Palazzo Diedo

Just during the Venice Art Biennale 2022 a new center dedicated to contemporary art was inaugurated at Palazzo Diedo with a project by the American artist Sterling Ruby.

After the purchase of the “Casa dei Tre Oci” on the island of Giudecca, the Nicolas Berggruen Charitable Trust has acquired Palazzo Diedo, which will be converted into a venue for exhibitions and artist residencies as part of the new Berggruen Arts & Culture initiative.

To bring the palace to life during its renovation and make its new role visible to the public, Ruby is creating a multi-year site-specific installation titled “A Project in Four Acts“. As construction begins, he will stage two exterior installations enclosing the building as it transforms. The residency will conclude with an exhibition of Ruby’s work in the Palazzo Diedo in conjunction with its official opening in the spring 2024.


Location: Palazzo Diedo, Cannaregio, Venice

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