The only limit is your imagination: the properties of glass allow the creation of truly unique pieces.


Each panel can be backlit or screened, to play with light and gravity and to add elegance to your home decor.


VéVé Glass panels are perfect for both interior design and space partitioning projects.

Each VéVé Glass decorative panel is a unique and handcrafted product, created by the expert hands of our glass masters. Thanks to the most traditional glass-making techniques and to a raw material of the highest quality, it is possible to obtain unique and unforgettable items of prestigious value.


Every item is customizable down to the smallest and most imperceptible detail, thanks to the craftsmanship of our artisans who, being skilled experts in the heat of a furnace, know well how much energy to put into a creation or how much precision instead in a single touch.

If you have an idea, a wish or you simply feel inspired, do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized quote!

Decorative Murano Glass Wall Panels

Let yourself be inspired by some of the most beautiful artisanal colored glass panels we have crafted.
Unleash your imagination and envisage your perfect space!

VéVé Glass’s decorative glass wall panels are much more than mere design elements; they are authentic artistic masterpieces with the power to transform any space into a unique and captivating environment. Leveraging the versatility of glass, we craft extraordinary and personalized products, with infinite possibilities in terms of treatments, colors, shapes, and compositions, limited only by your imagination.

Through our backlit glass decorative panels, you can enrich and personalize every setting, creating interplays of light and translucence that infuse elegance and character, perfectly aligned with your aesthetic preferences.

Each glass panel by VéVé Glass is a genuine fusion of artistry and design, springing to life within every environment through astonishing exhibitions of light and gravity. Skillful and experienced glass artisans mold and sculpt each panel, creating unique pieces that enchant anyone who gazes at them. These glass artworks stand out in any environment, whether it is an office or a private dwelling.

Whether we take into consideration backlit decorative wall panels for interior design or privacy panels for partitioning spaces, one thing is certain: these elements will soon become the focal point of any room, capturing the attention of all who enter and conveying a message of exclusivity and distinctive personality.

Illuminating Murano glass with LED backlighting

Backlighting is a distinctive form of illumination wherein a light source is seamlessly integrated into the rear of an element, illuminating its surface to make it visible to external observers. This is far from a minor detail in product design; it constitutes an added value that confers refined aesthetics and a touch of design to the lighting of any product.

Specifically, LED technology facilitates the use of thin supports and the uniform dispersion of light across the entire surface of the backlit decorative panel, highlighting even the smallest details and showcasing the precision of artistic craftsmanship. In this way, Murano glass panels become the ideal solution for infusing distinctive allure into the spaces where they are placed, aided by the adaptable dimming system that empowers the adjustment of light intensity according to personal preferences.

Beyond decorative wall glass panels, even decorative discs and artistic glass sculptures bask in the enchantment of backlighting, evolving into enthralling components of design. VéVé Glass’s backlit decorative panels represent an intersection point between art and functionality, shining with their own light within every space and turning it into a unique and evocative environment.

Skillful and innovative backlighting techniques infuse a sense of depth and vitality into the array of glass shades, creating exceptional visual effects that shift with the light’s intensity and angle. This introduces a touch of dynamism and sophistication to every space. Thanks to the versatility of this illumination style, our glass panels readily harmonize with any interior design, whether it is a modern or more classic ambience.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by our master glassmakers, offering a boundless range of customization possibilities in terms of designs and colors, resulting in a truly unparalleled and exclusive outcome. This artisanal crafting process grants meticulous attention to detail for each individual piece, ensuring a final product of utmost quality and artistic significance.

Interior decorative glass panels, enhanced by the magic of backlighting, become authentic focal points within a space, attracting gazes and inviting observers to pause and appreciate the enchanting interplay of light, color, and form. They give rise to genuine glass art pieces that possess the ability to captivate attention, creating a truly unique and enchanting atmosphere.