Get inspired by some of the most beautiful stained glass decorations we have handcrafted.
Free your mind and dream up your ideal space!

The decorative stained glass panels VéVéGlass are true works of art that can make any environment unique and special. Thanks to the properties of glass will be possible to create unique and extremely personalized products: the variety of processing, coloring, shapes and composition has as its only limit the imagination.

With backlit decorative panels or glass curtain walls, it will be possible to enrich every environment and personalize it with exclusive plays of light and transparencies able to give elegance and characterization according to one’s aesthetic tastes.

All of our stained glass panels are incredible works of design that play with light and gravity, shaped and crafted by skilled and experienced glass artists who can create unique pieces that will captivate the viewer and stand out in any environment, whether it’s an office or a home.

Whether they are backlit panels for furniture or functional decorative glass panels used to divide the spaces of an environment, what is certain is that they will soon become elements capable of attracting the gaze of anyone who sets foot in the environment, conveying a message of exclusivity and uniqueness of the owner.

Do you need large quantities? Do you want it in different colors or sizes? Do you want a custom order?
As a manufacturer, we create custom objects with different decorations, colors or shapes according to your requirements.

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