Axel Fassio

Axel Fassio

An exceptional photographer, Axel Fassio, who through his look tells 10 years of projects in 10 author shots. An award-winning artist in international competitions who knows this land well, its difficulties and the incredible hospitality of the city.

10 images, visual testimony of years of work in which we can testify to have seen, in a very difficult land, the signs of change, the joy of water, the enthusiasm of crowded classrooms, the satisfaction of lush agriculture, the hope for the possibility of receiving care. We talked to people and asked them to tell about the change. These photos are the narration of their stories.

It wasn’t a unique exhibition, you didn’t have to go looking for it because this show was in motion, through the windows of shops or bars.

The 10 works, accompanied by the critical text by Francesca Catalano, have been exhibited throughout our city, covering the various sestrieri from month to month to tell everyone a story of hope and of the future. Until September 2019 there is the possibility to still see the photos, which in limited edition, were donated to Fondazione Elena by the artist and are for sale. The entire proceeds will go towards development projects in Ethiopia.


Location: Venice

Schedule: until September 2019