Looking for original Murano glass items and decorations to enhance commercial and residential environments? Discover all our items!

Glass dividers, decorative panels, glass tiles, mirrors, centerpieces and sculptures are part of the wide choice of original Murano glass artworks handmade by the glass masters at VéVéGlass. Passion and over 30 years of experience in Murano glass processing are the basis of our creations in which you can find all the beauty and uniqueness of this highly sought-after material. And it is not uncommon to get lost while looking at chromatic and bright reflections, lines and transparencies, because Murano glass is emotion and magic!

For the creation of Murano glass objects, relying on a partner such as VéVéGlass guarantees results of great quality and exceptional aesthetic effect, capable of literally highlighting your personal style and enhancing the environment. The various collections include specific Murano glass items for commercial and residential use, for workplace and hospitality.  

Take your time to discover the range of Murano glass products we make in our facility: classic glass office partitions, hotel and luxury home furnishings, glass tiles, mirrors, custom decorative glass panels, centerpieces and unique artistic sculptures!

In our showroom in Murano you have the opportunity to touch and see up close the exceptional nature of our Murano glass products, which has always been present in Venetian culture and tradition, known and sought after all over the world!

We continuously improve our service to suit your needs,
based on your style preferences and your architect / designer’s projects.
We are happy to provide a full range of products,
from home accessories and decorative sculptures to wall decorations and room dividers.

If you are looking for Murano glass items or would like to customize Murano glass items,  contact us now. 
As a manufacturer, we can fulfill all your wishes with different decorations, colors or shapes according to your needs.

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