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Enter the world of VéVé Glass and discover our handcrafted stained glass products! Each piece is the outcome of artisanal mastery and passion for glass, aimed at conveying emotions that enrich spaces.

With a legacy of over thirty years in Murano glass craftsmanship, our creations embody the sublime beauty and uniqueness of this precious material. Let yourself be captivated by the shifting kaleidoscope of chromatic reflections, the interplay of light, the graceful contours, and the subtle transparencies; Murano glass is, in its essence, an embodiment of pure emotion and magic!

Choosing a partner like VéVé Glass for the creation of Murano glass products ensures results of exceptional quality and extraordinary aesthetic resonance: our offerings shine with their own light, concurrently enhancing personal style while elevating the ambience across diverse contexts of application, ranging from commercial and residential to corporate and hospitality spaces.

Feel free to take your time as you delve into our wide selection of Murano glass products, meticulously crafted with passion and craftsmanship within our artisanal workshop, each imbued with the narrative of genuine glass tales. Our offerings include an array ranging from classic glass dividers to sophisticated furnishings for luxury hotels and residences, from glass tiles to mirrors and centerpieces. Additionally, we present custom-made decorative panels, centerpieces, and truly one-of-a-kind artistic sculptures!

At our showroom in Murano, you can discover a universe of art and beauty and experience first-hand the exceptional quality of our products, vibrant testaments to Venetian culture and tradition that have garnered admiration and recognition worldwide!


Every item is customizable down to the smallest and most imperceptible detail, thanks to the craftsmanship of our artisans who, being skilled experts in the heat of a furnace, know well how much energy to put into a creation or how much precision instead in a single touch.

If you have an idea, a wish or you simply feel inspired, do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized quote!

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