Discover the exceptional ornaments and sculptures in Murano glass: refined, elegant, unique.
From the mastery of the VéVéGlass artisans in your home.
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Murano glass is synonymous with the highest quality, luxury and exclusivity. To decorate one’s surroundings with Murano glass sculptures immediately transmits values of indescribable value and refinement. From the art and passion of our master glass artists come modern decorative sculptures, large and small, suitable for any environment.

Whether it’s large modern sculptures for the home or smaller ornaments in Murano glass, the quality does not change: the exceptional raw material and the extraordinary artistic skills of our glass artisans will give you unique and exclusive masterpieces of art, ideal for a special gift or simply to decorate your space, whether it be an office, a home or a business of value.

When it comes to glass, the possibilities are limitless: shapes, colors, even the characteristics to the touch can vary following the countless types of processing that the great glass artists are able to provide to create the most unique and special works, from the smallest to modern sculptures for large interiors.

Placing a glass sculpture of the highest workmanship and value will ensure the WOW effect to any environment in which it will be placed. All our modern decorative sculptures promise to become the undisputed protagonists of the scene thanks to the special aesthetic characteristics of the glass of the highest quality used, capable of playing with light, reflecting it and granting transparencies for unique special effects. In addition, thanks to the great experience of master craftsmen, glass sculptures can take the most varied forms, from the most classic to the most avant-garde that wink at the abstract, challenging the law of gravity with dizzying evolutions.

Complete and enrich your world with exclusive Murano glass sculptures and give prestige to any environment.
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