From January 12th to February 11th 2019 the personal exhibition of Marco Scali dedicated to the Fluo spirit with the WoW effect will be presented at Ca ‘Sagredo.

The exhibition will have a double appointment to enjoy both the vision of the works with white light (11.30 – 17.30) and with ultraviolet light (17.30 – 21.30). 

“The representation of a concept or a feeling does not matter … what matters is emotion”

The artist is attracted to everything, refuses and does not recognize what surrounds him. He does not want to look with the eyes of others, because they do not see. People look but do not observe. He wants to see. He seeks the invisible of things, wants to feel the breath of the stone, wants to live the strength of iron and the magic of color, wants to be submerged and wants to tell it. 

With this personal exhibition, emotions will not be lacking. All the works will be framed with an inlaid white opaque baroque frame.

Website: www.marcoscali.com

Location:  Ca’Sagredo, Venice

Opening: from January 12 to February 11 2019

Schedule: 11:30 am – 9:30 pm 

Ticket: free