Francesco Morosini – Captain and Doge

400 years after the birth of Francesco Morosini “the Peloponnesian” (1619-1694) several Venetian institutions celebrate the compelling figure of the captain general of the sea and doge. 

The Correr Museum, guardian of the entire historical heritage of Morosini, acquired in 1895 by the last heir and coming from his palace in Campo Santo Stefano, exhibits from June 14thmemorabilia, documents and artworks showing peculiar aspects of the person and the historical dimension of Morosini. 

Personal objects, books, pilot books, globes and finds from classical Greek art bear witness to his character and passions.

Military documents, naval models and fortresses, trophies, weapons taken from the Ottomans outline the man of war and his exploits, especially the conquest of the Peloponnese (1683-1688).

Portraits, coins, medals, eulogistic publications evoke the mythical aura that still enveloped the admiral-doge, the last Venetian hero.

Dead as a doge in battle, his posthumous celebration lasted a long time, entrusted to unrealized monumental projects by the architect Antonio Gaspari and to apparatuses such as the one built in the family palace and recalled in the permanent installation of the Correr Museum.

With the epic figure of Morosini, the exhibition recalls the illusion of a return to the glory of the “Serenissima” military and maritime power in the Mediterranean.


Location: Correr Museum, San Marco Venice

Opening: June 14, 2019 – January 6, 2020

Hours: 10 am – 5 pm

Ticket: up to € 20