From Kandinsky to Botero

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From Kandinsky to Botero, all in one thread
The new great exhibition of tapestries in Venice

When Vassily Kandinsky, the forerunner and founder of abstract painting, painted “Red, Yellow, Blue” in 1925, he would never have imagined that an Italian, in love with contemporary art, would make his painting such a beautiful tapestry to look like a painting. The masterpiece of the French-Russian artist is the symbol of the exhibition “From Kandinsky to Botero. All in one thread “that opened its doors on November 1, 2018 at Palazzo Zaguri in Campo San Maurizio in Venice.

An international event, an exhibition never seen before with an exceptional testimonial of the Italian artistic-cultural scene: Vittorio Sgarbi. He is the voice of the free audio guides that will accompany visitors on a journey where art, crafts and school find in the tapestry the most precious and ancient artistic expression and, at the same time, never so modern and current.

One hundred are the tapestries displayed on the four floors of the Venetian palace, for a total value of about fifty million euros. Most come from one of the last Italian tapestries factories, the one founded in 1960 by Ugo Scassa, whose dream, never realized in life, was to exhibit his works in Venice. From Kandinsky to Botero, through De Chirico, Mastroianni, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Joan Mirò, Andy Warhol and even Renzo Piano, just to mention some of the great masters at the exhibition. 

Thanks to the intuition and the foresight of this Italian who leaves the building industry to make his own passion, contemporary art, a profession. The hundred artifacts that have been woven to the loom for hours by skilled female hands for decades are works able to amaze and “capture” anyone, for the fineness of the warp, the skill in mixing the colors on the canvas, thread after thread, interweaving after weaving, to give life to masterpieces that have furnished the great halls of parties in the great season of Italian ocean liners, from Leonardo to Michelangelo passing through the Raffaello. It is a joy for eyes and soul.


Location: Palazzo Zaguri, Campo San Maurizio, Venice

Opening: until May 31, 2019

Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 – Closed on Mondays 

Ticket: up to €16

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