Il Quadro Divino

Il Quadro Divino

Il Quadro Divino was born as an innovative idea to represent the Venetian culture through two pillars of our country – art and enology – and their complementary products. 

Il Quadro Divino uses different tools for the realization of works, plunging between the physicality of the painting and the immateriality of the “fine-art” and is positioned between the quality of the copies of the author and the cheapness of the prints.

Reproductions of works meticulously realized through scientific procedures studied over time are proposed. Respecting the Made in Italy, each work is performed by highly qualified personnel that gives each piece a character of originality and quality.

Thanks to the manual processing, the small differences between the copies are to be considered a quality, giving rise to highly valuable handworks that are numbered, marked and guaranteed by Il Quadro Divino.

Il Quadro Divino has made a careful selection of wines from native grapes. Valpolicella, Garganega, Breganze and Prosecco are offered. Each wine comes from small/medium cellars that have great experience in the production process. An exclusive wine collection is also proposed.


Location: Dorsoduro 1007, Venice