Jewish Manga Art

Opening on March 20, 2019 at the Jewish Museum of Venice, a very special exhibition: a room dedicated to the manga of Jewish subject designed by Thomas Lay.

The collection includes 25 paintings representing typical images of Jewish iconography through the style and technique of manga art.In Lay’s work, for the first time, Jewish culture, rooted in Italy for millennia, is expressed through the aesthetics and narrative style of authentic Japanese art.

Thomas Lay started drawing at the age of 25, in Japan, in the studio of Yumiko Igarashi, author of Candy Candy and Georgie. After studying at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Paris, Lay decided to follow his first, great passion, thus beginning the training course that will take him to Tokyo, succeeding in his intent to become part of the team of work of Igarashi.

Today his profession as an interpreter of Japanese to the art of illustration, drawing strong inspiration from Jewish culture, which has been entrusted with his first collection of iconographic works: “as a Jew, I find it important and very innovative, through a current graphic language and popular like that of manga, universally positive”.

Lay thus creates an union between Jewish and Japanese culture, so rich in traditions intact and in many ways very similar to each other.


Location: Jewish Museum of Venice

Opening: from March 20 to April 28, 2019

Hours: 10 am – 5.30 pm – Closed on SaturdaysTicket: up to € 8