Luigi Pericle

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Luigi Pericle - Beyond the visible
the first retrospective of the artist Luigi Pericle

The Querini Stampalia Foundation of Venice hosts the first retrospective of the artist Luigi Pericle (Basel 1916-Ascona 2001), a protagonist of European painting of the second half of the twentieth century, re-emerged after years of forgetfulness.

Author of Basel but of paternal origin from the Marche, Luigi Pericle went through a chapter of art history appreciated by the most noble names of the system: from the collector Peter G. Staechelin to Sir Herbert Read, trustee of the Tate Gallery, by the museologist Hans Hess, curator of the York Art Gallery, holders of the Arthur Tooth & Sons Gallery in London where he exhibited in the 1960s alongside Appel, Jorn, Tàpies, Dubuffet or Mathieu. 

Following an important traveling exhibition hosted in various English museums, Pericles withdrew, however, suddenly to private life. It was 1965. With his wife Orsolina Klainguti, he had arrived in the anarchic paradise of Monte Verità, the famous “utopia hill” isolated in the woods of Canton Ticino above Ascona, overlooking the northern tip of Lake Maggiore. Here he continued to work, to study and reflect in solitude.

Emerging from oblivion, today Luigi Pericle is at the center of a great project of critical and philological recovery.

The exhibition therefore aims to shed light on an author of extraordinary depth who belongs to that category of masters who preferred to let their research be disclosed only after their death, imparting an energy that would have made their posthumous rediscovery necessary.

After the death of Luigi Pericle, who died without heirs in 2001, his home in Ascona remained closed for fifteen years until it was purchased in 2016 by new owners who were sensitive to the charm of his glorious past, and revealed an immense buried heritage of works and writings, a summa of universal thought cataloged by Pericles with monastic rigor.

Location: Querini Stampalia Museum, Venice

Opening: until November 24, 2019

Hours: 10 am – 6 pm / closed on Mondays

Ticket: up to €14

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