RGB in Florida

This Murano glass curtain, here in crystal and aqua green, with aventurine, has been installed in Florida at Vero Beach, Indian River Shores. A contemporary work of art as a very decorative solution for a screen or a room divider, composed of geometric round elements realized with the sophisticated fusing technique.

The pieces are blended together to create a decorative pattern, hanging from metal threads that can be brass or nickel.

This organic Italian artwork offers a functional solution as a modern Murano glass curtain / divider. This decorative piece is customizable in size, colors, patterns and geometric shapes that can be oval, triangular, square, rectangular,etc.

The RGB curtains effectively control the light in the room: you can choose from the dark ones and those that allow enough light to illuminate the room. Not only! They can also solve space problems. In fact, RGB curtains can be used as dividers to rearrange spaces in a room or to hide corners or furniture.

The RGB curtain or divider is an alternative for interior design, a valid and fascinating design solution, designed by architect Massimo Brignoni, and can be adopted to fluidly separate the environments, in an informal but at the same time glamorous and contemporary taste is to divide the spaces without walls. In all those situations in which there is no intention of intervening with drastic restructuring works, rather it is preferable to implement a free and dynamic division between the living spaces, in order to guarantee a good degree of privacy between the different functional areas, a swirling RGB divider can be used.

Website: www.veveglass.it/rgb

Location: Vero Beach, Indian River Shores, Florida