Roman Opałka

Roman Opałka

Milan and Venice pay homage to the artist Roman Opałka, with “Dire il tempo”, a project curated by Chiara Bertola.

The exhibition, realized in two chapters, by BUILDING and by Fondazione Querini Stampalia, deepens the research of Opałka through a selection of fundamental works of its path.

Both exhibitions focus on the OPALKA 1965/1-∞ program, in which the artist has committed most of his life, in an attempt to represent the passing of time and to circumscribe the infinite within visible and measurable forms.

In Venice, a nucleus of works by Mariateresa Sartori (Venice, 1961) will also be presented, which with the artist had woven an intense presence in the city. Interested in neuroscience, music and language, her works will establish a dialogue with Opałka’s works, through common research on the themes of memory, duration, contingency, and the shared search for a visible able to express the Invisible.

The Venetian exhibition was made possible also thanks to the generous collaboration of Anneliese Lenz and the support of the Lévy Gorvy in New York, Michela Rizzo in Venice, Studio G7 in Bologna and Doppelgaenger in Bari galleries.

Location: Querini Stampalia Museum, Venice

Opening: until November 24, 2019

Hours: 10 am – 6 pm / closed on Mondays

Ticket: up to €14