Su e Zo 2019

The “Su e Zo per i Ponti” is an event that every spring involves thousands of people in a walk of solidarity through the streets of Venice: a cheering crowd of young and old, families, schools, groups, sports associations, all united in a day full of aggregation, friendship and solidarity.

Every year different paths wind through the lesser known corners of the lagoon city, without neglecting the places that make it famous in the world. A day dedicated to sustainable tourism respecting the city, discovering its art and its history, its true soul, its essence.

The “Up and Down the Bridges of Venice” is a real day of celebration: the numerous folk groups and music bands that traditionally perform in Piazza San Marco and in the squares along the way make the city a riot of sounds and colors that remains imprinted in the memory of the participants.

After over 30 editions, while keeping intact the spirit of its origins, this event still represents a day of celebration and joy which is renewed from year to year. Every year 10 to 12,000 people take part in this exciting day which could not take place without the help of 600 volunteers working at the refreshment points and along the race route itself.

The founder and coordinator of the Promoting Committee was the salesian priest Father Dino Berti. He guided the organization of the “Up and Down the Bridges” even in the year 2000, a few months before he died. Thanks to the efforts of so many people and of the current Committee, this event continues to be successful every year. This is also proven by the fact that, year after year, the Italian media show increasing interest in this initiative.

The Municipality of Venice considers “Up and Down the Bridges” one of the most important events in the annual Venetian calendar, just like traditional celebrations such as the “Festa del Redentore” (The Saviour), the Historical Regatta (Boat Race), the Carnival of Venice or the Venice Marathon.


Location: Venice

Date: April 7, 2019

Start: San Marco Square and outside Railway Station

Ticket: up to € 8.50