Venice Boat Show 2019

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Venice Boat Show 2019
An international trade fair dedicated to boating

In 2019 Venice returns to host an international trade fair dedicated to boating, involving local, national and international partners. From June 19 to 23 the Venice Boat Show will be open to the public. The exhibition venue will be at the Venice Arsenal, a symbol of the military power of the Venetian Republic and the heart of its naval industry. An incomparable historical context in the heart of Venice, with a water basin and pavilions.

Here are the details of the spaces available to exhibitors.

The water basin:

50.000 sq meters for exhibitions on water

More than 1.000 meters of piers and docks

More than 100 moorings

More than 100 ground-standings

13.000 sq meters for trials on water

The exhibition area:

6.000 sq meters for indoor exhibition

20.000 sq meters for open air exhibition

Exhibition in the water basin (Darsena Grande):

Area «Piazzale della Campanella»

Exhibition of historical, military and traditional Venetian boats

Exhibition in the Main Yacht Riviera:

Features: exhibition moorings for boats from 10 up to 35 meters length

Equipment: electricity, water

Possibility to set up a reception desk and a hospitality area

Fiera Open Air:

Features: ground exhibition for boats under 10 meters length

Equipment: electricity, water

Possibility to set up a reception desk and a hospitality area

Indoor exhibition: Tese delle Nappe

These are three very large adjoining areas with a total of 3.500 sq meters. They have been fully restored, with a total respect for the original architectural structure, promoting the bright, wide vaults, which are characteristic of the spaces. The construction of these three awe-inspiring areas began in 1525, along the northern wall of the Arsenal during the development of the “Arsenale Novissimo”. Constructed as “water vaults” (aquatic work-sites), they maintained such characteristics, up and until landfilling, begun in 1880.

Modular stands starting from 6 sq meters up to 128 sq meters.

Equipment: electricity 1,5kw, standard furnishings

In addition to the space dedicated to the nautical exhibition there are bars and restaurants, a relaxation area, an area dedicated to the “Voga alla Veneta”, exhibitions of the Biennale Arte 2019 and spaces for meetings and private events.

There will be events and entertainment for children and families, visits to the “Dandolo” submarine, to the Naval History Museum and to the Padiglione delle Navi, sailing and Venetian rowing performances, artisanal handicraft and traditional products linked to the Venetian navy and nautical competitions.


Location: Arsenale, Venice

Opening: June 18 to 23, 2019

Ticket: free

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