Armor by Maddalena Tesser

Armor by Maddalena Tesser

Maddalena Tesser is born in Vittorio Veneto in 1992 and graduated at the Venice Art Academy in 2017. She was a student of Professor Carlo Di Raco. In her research, reality never reveals itself in a single total vision, but as something unique that the artist is offering to herself and to the viewer.

In her first personal exhibition “Armor” the sense of every image goes slightly beyond the limits of each painting. There is an animated and mutual dialogue between the works on show. The visitor can sense a melody, a whistle, a slight prelude, which leads him to relate and to challenge expressions and forms, situations and fragments, allusions and memories.

Each work is a sign that refers to a remote episode, or to a restrained gesture — to an unspoken, unexpressed end imprisoned elsewhere or that remains in shelter hiding from one’s own consciousness. The figures and objects, bodies and plants in bloom, the grass and the water, the stones, the hair, the skin and the clothes are shaping a subtle architecture of symbols and meanings that connects and supports the whole of the exhibition.


Location: A plus A Gallery, Venice

Schedule: until May 18, 2021