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Backlit panels for shop windows:
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In our frenetic daily life, one of the greatest challenges is to capture people’s attention: in a world saturated with stimuli, it is increasingly complicated and difficult to attract even the slightest glance from those who pass by a shop window. Conquer the power to stop the eyes of passers-by and enchant them with the refined play of colors transmitted by our backlit decorative panels, capable of giving your products the display environment they deserve.

True works of art made of Murano glass by the expert glassmakers VéVé Glass, the backlit panels for shop windows will succeed in showing the goods on display in a new light, enhancing the aesthetic qualities of any product and integrating perfectly with the furniture, whether in classic or contemporary style.

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Not only shop windows: backlit panels for interior decoration

Let your imagination run wild: as soon as you cross the threshold of your haute couture boutique, the customer is greeted by a very elegant backlit glass panel behind the checkout counters that integrates perfectly with the furnishings and the stylistic line of the store, enhancing its colors and shapes. The customer stops a few steps away from the entrance with a rapt look and, under his breath, lets escape a small word of three unequivocal letters: WOW. The goal is achieved, the purchase merges with the experience embellished by works of art capable of leaving a more than positive sign in the mind of anyone who enters the premises, giving the environment a special and dreamlike atmosphere that will create a vivid and indelible memory.

The search for the WOW effect in the backlit panels for stores is in our philosophy for the realization of each piece: not only experience and tradition in glass working but also study and design to create customized solutions in every detail with the specific objective of giving to all the decorative backlit panels realized the power to act as a magnet even for the less attentive looks.

It will be impossible to go unnoticed: the infinite combinations of colors, reflections, shapes and geometries have the ability to win the attention of passers-by who, inevitably attracted in an almost magical way, will develop the desire to approach and admire each product worthily enhanced by a first-class setting, of great value, exclusive and unique in its kind.

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Only the best glass for our backlit decorative panels

What makes backlit panels for store windows and stores so special and unique? As you know, the whole is not the simple sum of its parts. Each panel, like any work of art, at the end of its realization transcends the properties of each of its individual components (be it the raw material or the craftsmanship of the artisans) and acquires an inestimable intrinsic value. Just as Michelangelo’s David is not just a sculpted block of marble, our decorative backlit glass panels are not simply sheets of processed glass.

Each panel is handcrafted by our expert master glassmakers who work the glass following the design derived from an architect’s drawing or an artist’s inspiration from which a hand drawn design is extracted. Each layer of the panel is brought to life one by one, often adding materials of great value such as Venetian murrine, silver leaf, gold leaf, filigree and more, elements that can further enhance the quality of the panel and the prestige that is able to give the surrounding environment.

Each piece is unique and personalized thanks to the many possibilities of combination between the particularity of the designs and the wide choice of colors, matching the style and character of the store or boutique that will embellish with its presence, contributing to an aesthetic appearance capable of arousing emotions of admiration and contemplation. All the backlit decorative panels carry within them centuries of history that only Murano glass can have, the deep knowledge of techniques and processes that even predate the periods of maximum splendor of the Venetian Republic and the inexhaustible wisdom and creativity of the master glassmakers, custodians of a true culture of glass.

The process of creation, complex and articulated, is what makes our backlit panels for stores and windows even more precious and special: given the wide possibility of customization, everything starts from a comparison with the customer to fully understand his needs, then conceiving a project that will give life to sample creations to be evaluated.

The passion for glass working and the continuous search for inspiration and the most modern innovations: these are the further elements that distinguish our product, unique and exclusive.

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