Decorative glass panels: design solutions for luxury furniture

Decorative glass panels: design solutions for luxury furniture

Decorative glass panels: furnishing with taste and elegance

In the world of Luxury Interior Design, world-renowned industry experts are constantly looking for exclusive solutions for wall decoration. Among the most popular design elements for wall decoration, there is one that allows Murano glass artisans to unleash their imagination as a painter does with his brushes on the canvas: we are talking about decorative Murano stained glass panels. These panels are appreciated because they furnish with taste, class and elegance environments of various vocations: residences, luxury hotels, executive offices and much more.

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Decorative stained glass panels: a unique workmanship with roots lost in history

The ancient tradition of Murano glass, which has its roots in the seventh century BC, blends with the art of mosaic mural, to create decorative glass panels capable of enhancing any space with extreme versatility. But it is the light to complete the work, inserted as a backlit element, to give the magic touch that sinks into the space creating perspective illusions, intoxicating color games, pleasant tricks for the eye. A decorated and backlit glass panel stands out, in fact, on different types of wall: placed on a dark wall it creates a warm, relaxing and suffused atmosphere while, if placed as a decoration on a light and bright wall, it enlivens the space catalyzing the eye of the customer and creating a pleasant chromatic break.

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Decorative glass panels for hotels, offices and homes: a real touch of class

Every product that takes shape from the hands of our master glassmakers has a meaning and transmits emotion to those who know how to listen. It is no coincidence that the decorated glass panel is an element sought after and appreciated by visual designers of international renown: depending on the patterns chosen, it lends itself to being placed in any residential, executive, retail and commercial environment. Thanks to their materiality, physical characteristics of resistance to time and external conditions, decorative stained glass panels are suitable to elegantly decorate residential living rooms, halls of important hotels, walls of precious bathrooms and saunas.

A decorated glass panel is an unrepeatable piece of art

The guarantee of craftsmanship of the products made by the master manufacturers of VéVé Glass delivers in your hands a unique, unrepeatable and inimitable artistic work. Discover all that Vévé Glass can create to suit your ideas, start a journey through our achievements of decorative stained glass panels and immerse yourself in our world of craftsmanship and design.