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Esther Stocker

Alberta Pane Gallery shows “Kissing Squares”, a solo exhibition by Esther Stocker at its Venetian location. In conversation with the gallery owner, the artist talks about her work and her evolution, reflects on the concept of artistic responsibility and comments on the works in the exhibition. Paintings and sculptures of different sizes, white, black and gray, linear and square elements are the ingredients through which Esther Stocker makes the gallery space an enveloping, “anarchic” and perceptually stimulating environment.

Recognized worldwide for her paintings, sculptures and large installations characterized by an abstract and geometric style and for the use of a palette limited to black, white and gray, Esther Stocker focuses her research on the vision and perception of space, through an existential and social approach.


Location: Dorsoduro 2403, Venice

Schedule: until January 29, 2022